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As for me and my house, we will continue to recycle food scraps at home

We supplied worm bins to the City of Vancouver since 2004 – probably more than 2000 of them by now. Our son and daughter were involved in putting these bins together and delivering them. A few years ago, a friend asked … Continue reading

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T’was the week before Christmas

Christmas is a time when we are encouraged to think beyond ourselves. When I consider my work in composting and improving the health of our soils, it may seem abstract from the meaning of Christmas, but its not at all. “the whole … Continue reading

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Uncovered Class A Compost May Contaminate Water

Over the years, I have heard from a number of sources including professionals that when a compost meets Class A compost requirements, it is benign and there is no risk of causing pollution of either ground or surface water. A few years ago, someone insisted during a … Continue reading

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Controlling Aeration of a Compost Pile by Oxygen or by Temperature

Two years ago, I had a fascinating debate with someone in South America who insisted that controlling the aeration of compost using oxygen was better and less costly than timer/temperature feed back control. This was the argument for oxgyen control of the … Continue reading

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