T’was the week before Christmas

Christmas is a time when we are encouraged to think beyond ourselves. When I consider my work in composting and improving the health of our soils, it may seem abstract from the meaning of Christmas, but its not at all.

“the whole point of what Jesus was up to was that he was doing close up, in the present, what he was promising long term in the future. And what he was promising for the future and doing in the present was not saving souls for a disembodied eternity but rescuing people from the corruption and decay of the way the world presently is so they could enjoy, already in the present, that renewal of creation which is God’s ultimate purpose – and so they could thus become colleagues and partners in the large project.”  Bishop N.T. Wright, as quoted in “Common Prayer, a litergy for ordinary radicals”

I hope to make a difference to provide “Peace on earth and goodwill to all people” in my work and my circle of influence.

Our hearts go out to the families of those who died in compost facilities, particularly in California last year, and in British Columbia three years ago. How can we help our industry ensure that this does not happen again.

We feel connected to the farmers in India, who are committing suicide at a rate of 2 per hour, partly because of the false promises of genetically modified seeds. How can we help be a voice from where we are with what we know and who we know.

“When we break out of the bonds of self centeredness, entering into the experiences of other people, we come closer to fulfilling God’s purposes for human beings. And we become more Christlike, since the incarnation (entry of Jesus into our world which we celebrate at Christmas) is the ultimate ministry of empathy.”p63 Richard Mouw, Uncommon Decency – Christian Civilty in an Uncivil World.

Wishing all of you a very blessed Christmas!


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