Solid Waste Association of North America Honors Canadian Composting Facility – Lafleche Environmental

We as Canadians can be proud of yet another Canadian company that has achieved high honors in North America. Lafleche Environmental in eastern Ontario recently was awarded a gold medal at the WASTECON National Conference in Florida for its composting facility (

What is incredibly honoring to us as Transform, is that we had the privilege of designing this facility.

Lafleche plan and pics June 2008

Notable features that Transform incorporated into the design noted in the award entry included:

  • – enclosed internal facility – “In addition to the unloading all processes from mixing, screening, loading of channels, agitation, aeration, and final screening are conducted in environmental controlled buildings.”
  • – fabric shelter –“The facility is easily maintained and greatly reduces the risk of corrosion and/or deterioration found in metal compost structures”
  •  – air injection and leachate collection system – “The air injection and leachate collection are combined into one system. This allows the air injection and collection for each zone of the channels independently. “
  • – double enclosed channels –“Compost process utilizes an aerated and agitated channel arrangement contained within a primary enclosure for environmental control of moisture, air and odour.”
  • – indoor receiving area – “In the receiving area the grinding, mixing and adding bulking agents (carbon based amendments) takes place. This process ensures that a homogenous mixture is prepared prior to being loaded into the aerated channels; keeping source separated organics and dewatered bio solids separated during the compost process.”
  • – biofilter system – “An engineered biofilter system (22,000 sq.ft.) treats all air exhausted from the buildings. A moisture control system is installed on the biofilter to ensure optimum moisture content is maintained in a cedar and tree root media. ” (

The additional challenge that we were given was that the facility had to be constructed on a peat bog – so we integrated the floor system in a big floating slab together with the building foundation.

We honor and appreciate all of our engineers and contractors who worked diligently to provide this award winning design for Lafleche Environmental.

Another plus for Canada, a plus for the Professional Agrologists who design biological systems, and another plus for our small company in Abbotsford British Columbia!


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